Saturday, August 1, 2009



When I was working in the area of Iigura-Katamachi many years ago, AXIS Building was built in the neighborhood and in its basement was a Japanese restaurant called Kisso. It soon became my favorite place and I used it for lunches quite frequently. In the early days, Shinya Tasahi was working there as sommelier. Kisso has gone now but a store continues to function in the same floor. It is NUNO which means fabric.
They have a good collection of old yet modern Japanese fabrics, such things like those that Issei Miyake used to love using. I stopped by the store the other day after a very, very long absence, and I was terrified to have found that they still carried the same fabric coasters I bought more than 2 decades ago and it is only 336 Yen. I could not stop buying some.

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