Thursday, August 27, 2009

カストラート – Farinelli, Il Castrato

我が家で良く観て楽しんだ音楽映画のことをもうひとつ。カミさんが「カストラート」を見たいというのだが、レーザーディスクはもう接続していないし、この際DVDを買い直そうと思って探し始めたら、廃盤のディスクに1万円以上のプレミアムが付いている。状況は米国も同様で、僕は調査の手をAmazon Franceに広げてみた。何せこの映画はルセ監督のフランス映画なのだ。するとどういうことだろう、フランスでは人気がないのだろうか?ただ同然の数ユーロで売り物がぞろぞろある。僕は送料込みで1800円に満たない出費で一枚発注した。

My wife asked me if she could see “Farinelli”, one of our favorite films, but the laserdisc player has been disconnected, and we thought of getting a DVD. We quickly found that the discontinued DVD title had a premium price tag exceeding 10,000 Yen in the market, and the situation in the USA was more or less the same. So I extended my research to Amazon France. To begin with, this is a French film directed by Christophe Rousset! And can you imagine what happened? I wondered if this film was not so popular in France because I saw many copies were sold for only a few Euros there. My particular order with an international delivery was less than 1800 Yen!
European region code of DVD is “2” which is identical to Japanese, but my Sony BD recorder failed to play it. Usually PC players work with such discs, and somehow my Pioneer region 1 player managed it. The picture quality was better than laserdisc, but the subtitle was the bottleneck because it provided French only, and it showed up only when the dialog was spoken in Italian. It is definitely a tough challenge to appreciate watching it.

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