Tuesday, August 25, 2009

アマデウス - Amadeus


The movie is based on the play written by Peter Shafer, and the producer Saul Zaentz is the master of Fantasy Studio which is the most reputed music studio in San Francisco Bay area. Neville Marriner supervised the music in this film, and all of these are the promise for quality production. The director Milos Foreman had teamed with Zaentz for “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, and they are the people who can create a film rich with scent of Europe unlike Hollywood.
As “Amadeus” was released in Blu-ray, I decided to get a double-disc book version, and the rumor was that the cheaper American version came with Japanese subtitle. So I made an order to Amazon USA and its delivery was quite prompt. Nothing was mentioned about Japanese language in the package, but when I played it, the opening caution was entirely in Japanese to my amazement. Its video and audio quality was 15 years old by now, but the Best Sound Oscar-winner is recorded in Dolby TrueHD in Blu-ray now.
The Director’s cut included several plots that were omitted in the release film, such as Constanze undresses in front of Salieri who demanded her a certain return for Mozart’s promotion. They help adding more detail to the story’s complexity, but I tend to find the release version of film was actually a highly complete edit with essential plots.

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