Sunday, July 5, 2009

ロワールの城巡りツアー - Loire bus tour


As our travel to Europe got closer to its end, we joined a bus tour organized by MyBus to visit old castles in Loire on June 26. The group was 23 Japanese people and the French guide had quite knowledge about the history and plants in general and also handled Japanese well. Opposite to the actual routing of the tour, our last destination was Chambord, the chateau designed by da Vinci. Being the florissant renaissance chateau for François I, I wondered if it was incomplete or was not well maintained, and it did not give me much excitement beyond the fact that I saw it. The picture of dual spiral stairs was captured including our group tour members around. The guide said the chateau would be available for the use of receptions or other event for about $20,000.


It was explained that the arch bridge of Chateau Chenonceau across the river was build as Catherine de Medicis dreamed of Ponte Vecchio, but actually the fact was build much earlier by Diane who was the lover of Henri II and was gifted the castle from him. Catherine forced Diane to give up the castle as she wanted it for her own living. I could not find good spots for photos because the castle was not build so close to the water as I hoped and the repair was going on.


Before these castles, the tour stopped by at Clos Luce where da Vinci spent his last few years. No photos were allowed inside but not a thing in display seemed critical practically. One thing impressive was the yellow-colored stained glass of the chapel with plain and fine touches.

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