Saturday, September 17, 2011

超軽量CNCブレーキ – Planet-X CNC Calipers


先方から「発送したよ」とのメールをもらって、数日でロイヤルメール郵便小包が届いた。包みを開けるとSRAM RIVALのディレーラーの箱が出て来て一瞬目が点になる。その中身はちゃんと発注したブレーキが納められていて、この辺は適当なんだなあ。


For CAAD9, I use Shimano BR-5700 calipers, but frankly I am not happy with its braking responsiveness. That was one of reasons I wanted to try a different approach for Onix, and I thought of Campy’s Centaur because its black color matched with the frame and also it was less expensive than Shimano. Unfortunately, its reputation was not quite favorable, and I ended up investing in Planet-X ultra light CNC calipers. It weighs only 205 grams and it had a feel of the industrial design product, which was so tempting. Luckily they started a discount sale and in parallel the UK currency began dropping against Japanese Yen to push my back for the decision. The price was £66.66 with additional £24 for shipping.

Then I received a mail from Planet-X informing “dispatched”, and a few days later a Royal Mail parcel arrived. Opening it, came out a package of SRAM RIVAL derailleur which was mindboggling. The content was actually the calipers that I ordered and I felt this kind of arrangement was quite practically opportunistic.

I thought of ordering the gun-metal color version but it was out of stock and I decided the alternative black version. The product really had the appeal of handcraft metal carving and its hairline surface finish was sexy. And furthermore, the calipers had the Swisstop brake pads!

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