Sunday, September 4, 2011

Orbea Onix



The frame I obtained next to CAAD9 is Orbea Onix. Orbea is one of the largest bicycle manufacturers in Spain, and its flagship model, Orca, is the winner in Beijing Olympics and its beautiful shape of form attracts many Japanese fans. As for me, since I mentally cannot eliminate the behavior under poverty, I seldom reach top-of-the-line models, and again in this case, I ended up with the sister model called Onix. In contrast to CAAD9’s modern yet bigger American body, Orbea’s smallish España body emits the scent of Europe, and black-orange Onix 2008 frame carries more human sexiness than mere mechanism.
For a full-carbon frame, Onix actually weighs 50grams more that aluminum CAAD9, but this heavy body contributes in the highly steady drivability coupled with the excellent responsiveness, and is very favorably reputed especially for longer rides. Onix executed a full model change in 2009 to be transferred to their China factory, therefore the 2008 model was the last product version of Spain-made carbon frame.

In order to build a road racer around this frame, I intended to remove the components from CAAD9 bicycle, but the reason why I obtained some Shimano 5600 parts (shifters) was because I wanted have two bicycles in workable form as soon as possible within the limitation of the budget. On the other hand, my real wish is to finish Onix rich with European flavor as much as possible, and I am not sure if I can keep avoiding Campagnolo. Attached above is the list of components for two bikes under the current planning.

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