Tuesday, September 13, 2011

湘南国際村 - Shonan Village


I ran to Shonan Village as a more training-oriented route than the previous promenade around Kita-Kamakura. Reviewing today’s data, the total running distance was 23.15km and the average speed was 18.63km/h. According to Route Labo map, the uphill for the village has roughly 150m in altitude with the average inclination of 5.4%. It is by no means a long slope, and the good feature is the low traffic of cars. Also the sidewalk way is wide enough and you can take it with no worries about the vehicles. This is probably ideal for repeating the hillclimb exercises twice or thrice. I took the downhill route toward Akiya and passing through the tunnel, the beach was suddenly in front of me and I enjoyed a high-speed running along the Route 134. The picture of the beach is Chojagasaki with a slight view of Mt. Fuji.

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