Thursday, September 1, 2011

ケンタウルUTクランクセット – Another Centaur UT Crank Set




I’ve got another Campagnolo before selling off Shimano’s 105 normal crank set. I encountered with a Centaur compact aluminum set for only a grand (10k Yen), and I concluded that it was ultimate for my Cannondale.
This decision raised a slight concern though: The carbon chain-wheel in black-color was ideal matching with the carbon folk to form a tight and intrepid appeal of my bicycle contrasting CAAD9 aluminum body. The new aluminum crank actually steers it to the opposite direction resonating with the glossy CAAD9 color. I thought I had to live with it anyway because there would be little to do.
An unexpected progress was the bonus of continued cruising on the net as I found Fulcrum’s compact chain rings the other day. These items were rather unusual, and both of 50T and 34T rings were available in black color, so I visited the shop to check them out. The components looked almost unused, and I immediately decided to buy them. Fulcrum models are equivalent to Campagnolo chain wheels, therefore they fitted in my crank as the perfect solution.

I plan collecting some more components to replace with those in the current CAAD9. Beyond the crank would be Shimano 5600 series derailleurs and shifters, eventually a slight downgrade but maintaining the fundamental performance level. The removed components will be for the second body that now occupies my mind as the affair with Cannondale is over.

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