Saturday, August 24, 2013

五能線を行く - Heading North on Gonoh Line


Our 11 o'clock train Resort Shirakami was from Akita station, and we found that Shinkansen was not operating due to the heavy rain in the morning, and there was a long queue of passengers at the ticket office. Ours was on schedule, the train consisted of 4 carts, some of them are box compartments, and it was pretty much empty due to the weather and/or the weekday, a slightly depressing thing... 
Many passengers actually got off at Juniko Station which was one of popular gateways to Shirakami Mountains. We were not interested in the hike in the rain and stayed further in the train to Wespa Tsubakiyama to try Furo-fushi (never-aging and eternal) hotsprings. The water was brown and they had an outdoor bath on the seashore in addition to the indoor tub. This facility was good, I thought, for stopping by for a couple of hours than staying. There came again a pouring rain here, too, but I already finished the outdoor bath at that time! Our destination on the day was Naqua Shirakami Hotel & Resort at Ajigasawa Station, and fortunately the rain stopped while we waited for the train to take.

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