Monday, August 5, 2013

ZIPP202ホイールで学習・その3 - Carbon Wheel Lesson 3



近所を少し走ってテストランをしてみた。前輪だけなので微妙ながら、反応の早さと漕ぎ出し易さに変化らしきものを感じ心躍る。道路からの反発は硬め、何せタイヤの空気圧が10なのでしっかりパンパンだ。そのため転がりはすこぶる良い。意外にも納得できたのがブレーキ(Campagnolo Chorus)で、純正のZIPPに交換したカーボン用のシューはクリンチャーのリアよりむしろしっかり制動されるくらいで、しばしば言われるカーボンの利きの悪さは微塵も感じられなかった。ところで外観だが、これは本意ではないけどかなり戦闘的な雰囲気に変わるみたいだ。

My bike wears the new ZIPP202 carbon tubular front wheel. 3-day effort of layering cement on the rim entirely consumed the Continental cement in 
a 25g tube. Its final process to place the tubular precisely centered on the rim was the tough part and practically impossible although I tend to interpret that the accuracy I ended up with would be sufficient for my own needs. An alternative rim tape would be much easier in this respect?

In the meantime, the rear tire had a puncture. AGAIN! How many times does it go flat in these 2 years considering that the roads and the frequency I run were nothing exacting? Furthermore, the inner tube I've just replaced went almost flat after 3 nights. I have to pull it out again to examine this slow puncture. The clincher tube is not reliable enough when focused on this issue and the tubular tends to be service-free in my experience.

I did a quick test-run in the neighborhood. With the upgrade in front only, it is subtle but I’ve got a positive impression in terms of the speedy response and acceleration, which was exciting enough. The feel of the road conditions seemed tighter partly because the air pressure is 10 bar and the tire is really hard. It really rolls, too! Braking showed no problem with the new ZIPP carbon brake shoes, Campy Chorus works just fine, even better than the rear. The look of the whole bike now became more aggressive although it was not exactly my preferred direction.

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