Wednesday, August 28, 2013

シマニョロニョロ完了 - Shimagnolognolo Close to Completion




RD adjustment is done with the fine-tuning of the ratchet wheel positioning by a notch, and I have achieved managing the entire 11-speed shifts. The sitting of the chain with each freewheel step seems to indicate some tendency of offset in a few steps, and it made me to wonder if the pitch width of freewheels could be slightly different between Shimano and Campy, but the shifting action in the actual running showed no practical problems.

More concerned is FD in my case: The inner side plate of Campy Chorus FD is lifted toward the drive train in the lower part, and when the chain goes down as Q-rings diameter shrinks, it inevitably touches the derailleur plate surface. The fourth wheel from the top starts contacting and those lower more steadily rub the plate. Because the shifting of Q-rings is delicate, I cannot move the derailleur inward further. How do those people with Campy/Rotor combination deal with this issue? If the noise is inevitable in this combination, the choices are to go back with the round Centaur 50T chain ring or with Shimano FD-7900 derailleur. Well, I already sold my FD-7900 months ago!
So I immediately swapped the outer ring to previous Centaur, and the result was far more relieving in terms of both of shifts and noise. 


The usual test run to Shonan Village brought an amazing result: 20m13s for the approach run and 11m08s for climbing that reduced roughly 1 minute each section. In particular, the average speed of climbing was 12.75km/h to my surprise, and I was not running hard as it was a test! The sense of pushing the second lowest 27T gear was not too demanding, which I really appreciated, and the lightweight ZIPP wheels did add some value here.

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