Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hommage à Hidekazu Yoshida - 鎌倉の吉田秀和



                             小林秀雄 」

I visited Kamakura Museum of Literature for the special exhibition of Hidekazu Yoshida, a true critic of arts. This house was originally the country villa of Lord Maeda to which you walk a long promenade under woods and occasionally enjoy the burning color of autumn trees. From its garden, Sagami Bay opens in front of you beyond the slope, and this is indeed the genuine example of a “mansion”.
When I was a student, we had our hands on Renaissance and Baroque music, and we were passionate with Glenn Gould’s Bach. Almost all record critics in Japan disliked this artist being annoyed with his humming melodies, but only Hidekazu Yoshida spoke up correctly about the value of Gould’s creation in music.
In the exhibition, I found a post card sent from Hideo Kobayashi with interest, dated June 23, 1964. It said, “Thank you for the records the other day. All interesting. Gould as you dictated was totally refreshing. I found this card today, completely forgotten to post to my embarrassment.”

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