Thursday, September 2, 2010

Die Walküre in Bayreuth – バイロイト生放送


The live broadcast of Wagner’s Walkure in HD and 5.1 surround from Bayreuther Festspiele was transmit in the late night on August 21. I watched it fully prepared over the projector screen in my listening room. The vivid sound of strings in the beginning was so terrifying that I was immediately trapped and lost the distance. The performance of the orchestra was outstanding.
As the curtain opened, the mythical stage was rather contemporary with clear resolution in all details, and I have never seen “The Ring” in depth so digestibly before. This stage of quality was absolutely exciting to watch even not being a Wagnerian myself.
On the other hand, as the camera closed up the singers, some people might find somewhat conflicting to their imagination in recognizing the physical size of the bodies of Siegmund and Sieglinde. To me, it evidently owed to their physical structure for the characters to successfully sing through this long masterpiece. The dying Traviata is almost never a slim character in the opera, and only by overcoming this paradox, you will be a true opera fan! If I may continue this topic, I would hope the hairstyle of Brünnhilde different: While the flaming red was right, its shape looked like a typical fixed wig for old woman. The passionate hair should be waving in my opinion.
2 intermissions were 1 hour long each, and I found it required some determination to participate this ceremonious and almost religious event. The biggest applause at the curtain calls was given to Johan Botha as Siegmund, Edith Haller as Sieglinde, and Christian Thielemann the conductor. I thought it was a fair reaction.
This broadcast was indeed an epoch.

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