Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lessons to Sing Messiah – メサイアの合唱練習


第12曲 For unto us a Child is born
第28曲 He trusted in God
第35曲 Let all the angels
第51曲 But thanks be to God
第53曲 Worthy is the Lamb

それと全曲に親しむほどに、「I know that my Redeemer liveth」の名曲で始まる第三部は、大詰めに向かって見事な合唱曲が並び、聴き応えがあることを改めて悟る。


[*The photo is Messiah concert in Tokyo, 1983 by Koopman/ABS. Michael Chance, the counter-tenor soloist appears.]

Starting this Saturday, we entered into the mode of the chorus lessons to scan the entire program, and we sang today the Parts II and III from the morning through the afternoon. Among total 54 pieces of music in “Messiah”, there are 20 pieces for the chorus, and there are a few songs that I am particular about:

No.12 For unto us a Child is born
No.28 He trusted in God
No.35 Let all the angels
No.51 But thanks be to God
No.53 Worthy is the Lamb

As you sing, you will find the melodies of these songs for the tenor are so exquisite, and once enchanted, you will be automatically passionate singing.
In case for No.28, other members still struggle with the words, but I did a very concentrated effort of learning by heart a while ago.

As one gets more familiar with the entire Messiah, one will realize that the Part III is very exciting to listen to that begins with the famous song of “I know that my Redeemer liveth” and then lines up series of fabulous chorus songs toward the ending.
For practicing at home, I make use of CDs. I have the sets of Ton Koopman and also of John Eliot Gardiner. It was totally impossible for me to follow them when I started this challenge, but I can now manage singing along with them. As for video, I have a recording of Koopman’s concert in 1983 when he and his crews visited Japan, and this VHS tape is a lovable collection of mine. I also have the LP set by Neville Marriner, but it is slightly too aged in style for now, and the LP is not practical to manipulate, so I do not borrow their performance. It leaves only 6 more lessons before the rehearsal with the orchestra.

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