Thursday, September 23, 2010

Doctor G – ドクターG


NHK’s “Doctor G” is an exceptionally distinguished program in the recent television. The patient’s symptoms are presented to 4 young doctors who begin their logical approach to define the name of the illness, and the experienced Doctor G who posed this question assists and discusses with them to arrive at the final decision.
Because the medical treatment gets more and more specialized while the shortage of doctors continues to be serious, the accessibility to general doctors is even more vital today. The concept of general doctor might be a practical remedy to the problem providing us the opportunity to consider the fundamental aspect of what the doctor offers to patients although we cannot exaggerate only the good side of it.
I recall in my company, we used to discuss whether we should focus on the specialists or the generalists.
Unfortunately, the program ends by September. This kind of programs is good evidence of how the media could serve to function with responsibility to the pubic, and I hope it comes back with some more enhancements.

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