Wednesday, September 22, 2010

三崎 - Misaki


It may be the last day of the hot summer today, and it popped up in my mind to go out to Misakiguchi while the weather was fine. Misakiguchi is the end of Keikyu line but it is only 40 minutes train ride from Zushi. It has been years since I visited the area last time. Misaki is known for great tuna, but not chasing tuna today, I took the road in front of the station to the right thinking of a walk to Kurosaki-no-Hana. You may take the bus (from platform #3) and get off at the first stop, Miyata. You will see a gas station and the road toward the sea. Normally, you need to follow the road to the direction of Enjuji temple, but I continued along the water. On the shore was a guardman who told me that no one could go further as there was a movie shooting going on. I took back to take the road for Enjuji and ascending further I was in the middle of huge, flat vegetable field. The end of the cape is on the right, but there was another guardman to stop me. What a day!

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