Monday, February 14, 2011

ゲルギエフのラヴェル - Gergiev in LSO Live

2009年、ロンドンのバービカンでの録音で、まず演奏会場の広さを感じさせてくれるのが何とも心地良い。ステージ自体はそれほどオフマイクではないのだが、空間が鳴っているし、詰まるところ、サラウンドの出汁をしっかり効かせた料理だと思う。それはコーラスが後方まで広く定位するところ [トラック6] でも判る。
演奏はどこまでも落ち着きのある成熟したラヴェルという印象だ。音色的に鮮明な色彩感まで感じられないのは、 様々な音色が細かく取り込まれているながらそれ以上にこのホールトーンのせいなのではないかと思う。この感じから予想すると、次はマーラーの6番を試してみると面白いかも知れない。

The LSO Live Series with Valery Gergiev is available in SACD, and I bought Ravel album. The main feature of this disc is Daphnis et Chloé that I seldom listen to, but my favorite Pavane and Boléro are also in it.
The recording was made at the Barbican, London in 2009, and my first impression was the spaciousness of the hall tone that was most comfortable. The soundstage itself was not so off-miking but the acoustics of the entire space was always there. The chorus [track 6] spans very wide localizing even to far back sides, and it indicates the surround channels are very active.
The performance is mature and calm all the way. The tonality did not sound sparklingly colorful while variety of tones are precisely presented, and it is probably due to the overall hall-tone. With this character, I guess next to try with interest would be Mahler’s Symphony No. 6.

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