Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sonicare - 電動歯ブラシ

先日秋葉原に行った時、ヨドバシカメラでHX6511という入門モデルを買った。古いモデルは交換ブラシの値段が倍くらい高く、その交換時期に 3本も買うと本体が買えるくらいなので買い換えを考えていた。買って帰った製品はそのまま使えず、まず充電が必要だったが、一日経ってもフル充電しない。その間に一度使ってみたが、説明書には充電し続けてはダメと書いてあるので電源を抜いておいたら、本体がスイッチを押しても反応しなくなった。電源を入れると今度は「ピッピ、ピッピ」と警告音を何時間も発し続けて収まらない。そんなモードは説明書にないし、初期不良と判断してヨドバシに出直した。
ところがバッグから取り出した製品は何事もなかったかのように動作する。 お店の対応は親切で、 こちらの言う事情をメーカーにも問い合わせてみてくれたが、そんなケースは聞いたことがないとの答えだそうだ。それでも製品交換した方が良いですねと言われた。新しく取り出した製品は何と充電済みでそのまま使用可能ではないか。そこからして振るまいが違う。手続きをする間に横に放置していた問題の製品が、勝手に動作を始めてしまい、店員も「あっ、何かおかしいですね」と納得顔になる。何年か前にこのタイプの製品が登場した時には、中のコイル部分がずれるとかで初期不良が多発したことはあったが、今は安定しているとも話していた。

We use Sonicare toothbrush for more than a decade at home. The very first we bought was Braun because Sonicare was rather expensive, but one day in San Francisco, I came across with its sale at Macy’s, and when I brought it back home, the effect of brushing was totally amazing, and we continue to stick with Sonicare ever since.
Earlier this week I was in Akihabara to find at Yodobashi Camera a good deal of Sonicare’s elementary model HX6511. I had to buy replacement brushes for the older model that was two times more expensive and I could buy a new model for 3 brushes. So I got this, and at home, it had to be charged. It was not fully charged a day later, which was a bit strange, and I used it once in between, but following the instructions I plugged the mains out to avoid excessive charging. Then a few hours later, the product stopped responding to the touches on the switch and in addition on the charger it continued beeping for hours. I had to bring it back to Yodobashi because its behavior seemed totally erroneous.
Out of the bag at Yodobashi, this product behaved cool with no problem, Damm it! The staff was very cooperative and he checked my explanation with the manufacturer who said never encountered with such a case... Still the staff said to me it would be better to replace the product in this situation. The replacement operated out of the box as it was pre-charged, which was a different behavior. While filling the documentation, the troubled product was sitting on the desk and suddenly it started operating by itself, and the staff was surprised to see it, telling me something was wrong with it!
Sonicare’s new version, when it came out a few years ago, had many malfunction troubles due to a component failure but it is stable now according to him.

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