Sunday, February 27, 2011

To be a young and worthy person - 若者の自己評価

According to Nikkei (yesterday’s evening paper), Japan Youth Research Institute made a survey of the young people to find how they think about themselves in four countries. As a result, Japanese high-school boys and girls are very negative in contrast to other countries: Korea, China and USA. The stumbling economy seems a part of its cause as their hope for the future gets very slim according to the Institute.
“The virtue of being humble” has always been Japanese maxim, and we tend not to be the nail that sticks out. But I think more serious than this culture is the lack of self-confidence. For example, 86.7% of Japanese girls are not happy with their physical body style. I won’t say that we should be as optimistic as Americans, but our education is responsible for turning our children into more positive thinker. The summary of this survey is available in Japanese in the following:

日経の報道(昨日の夕刊)によると、日本青少年研究所が日米中韓の 高校生を対象に意識調査を行い、日本の若者が顕著に悲観的という結果だった。経済の暗さから将来に展望や夢が持てないことが影響しているとの分析だそうだ。

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