Friday, January 18, 2008

Japanese Dining at Higuchi - 樋口


Dinner at Higuchi in Jingumae. This Japanese restaurant may be characterized for an “at-home” atmosphere. From the counter of 5 seats, all the progress of the chef Higuchi and a young assistant in the kitchen is visible in front of you. The dishes are prepared with great care and very enjoyable. They appear to me more like an ultimate extension of home cooking rather than florishing dinner.
The most impressive in this evening were crab meat, a barbecued slice of fish, and also fried Ebi-imo (shrimp-potato?) which was tasty, hot and mushy inside. We were the last to leave, and Higuchi-san the chef kindly handed us a pack of snapper rice-balls. It was a pleasing occasion and the cost for two of us including 1.5 bottles of Sake was 30,000 Yen. In this neighborhood is my favorite French restaurant, L’Artemis Pétillante by the way.

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