Sunday, January 20, 2008

Tokyo Mid Town – 巡礼の旅




A friend of mine who walked from Le Puy through Santiago de Compostela for 45 days last spring told me about a photo galary of pilgrimage by Sanjiro Minamikawa, so I went to see it to Tokyo Mid Town in Roppongi. He also commented that the professional was amazing to capture the exact attributes of the experience, and because I have been envying his travel for last several months, the pictures of these monuments were a bit exciting.

Tokyo Mid Town is also a new shopping mall. In comparison to Omotesando Hills, it has plenty of wooden finish and is much more spacious to make the shopping promenade comfortable and relaxing. Also interesting to me was several Japanese shops to attract foreign visitors and also many unfamiliar brands from the world, mostly high profile.

My another goal was not accomplished which was 21-21 Design Site with no exhibition. Issei Miyake is the key concept planner and Tadao Ando is the architect of this museum. I could only see Ando’s roof, and it was not attractive enough.

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