Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Surround Sound Reference DVD Disc – AES Japan

2 years’ effort has now been accomplished. Mick Sawaguchi gathered serious “surround boys” from the broadcasters and the industry as a study group under AES Japan to make an academic approach to the quality and performance of surround recordings. An orchetral performance was recorded in Osaka in September 2006 with various microphone settings and mixed into DVD-Video and DVD-Audio discs. It is very interesting to hear subtle difference in each mic arrangement of an identical performance. Some had deeper perspective toward the back while others indicated more spaciousness in the dimension of width. A series of listening tests were conducted in Tokyo, Osaka and Vienna to run a follow-up subjective evaluation and its full report is included. If you love “Le Nozze di Figaro” or “Heidenröslein”, this comparison may be interesting just to listen. “Wellington’s Victory” has the arrangement of a banda representing the battle, and you can hear it from left-back. A regular DVD player works for Disc-1 but you need a DVD-Audio player to play Disc-2 which is now a difficult thing to find since this format is diminishing.


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