Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Mikimoto and TOD'S - 東京の造形


The impression or the vision of a building, once encountered, is sometimes too powerful to be erased from your brain, and for me the most distinguished example is Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. For a recent while in Tokyo, two buildings that happened to reside in my mind are Mikimoto Ginza 2 and TOD’S Omotesando.
I saw TOD’S for the first time in the spring last year when I had a chance to work in Omotesando Hills. Two buildings had no connection each other without specific knowledge about them, but each revealed masculin v.s. féminin atmosphere and overlapped in me just like an intimate couple. I learned very recently that they were designed by the same architect, Toyoo Itoh. My favorite Tadao Ando’s style is always almost purely functional, and in contrast, what’s fascinating with this architect is amusing play in the syle, a balance of modern form of exterior and a flavor of jeunesse.

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