Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Avatar in Imax 3D - 川崎でアバターを観る

中央の良い席がようやく取れたので、アバターのIMAX 3D版を川崎のLAZONAで見てきました。この映画は製作中からずっと楽しみにしていたので、実は昨年封切り早々に一度見ているのですが、以来IMAX版をどうしても確認しておこうと思っていました。

川崎駅前は大規模開発されたショッピングモールLAZONAが出来てもう4年くらいになるでしょうか。駅からモールへの雰囲気はちょっと品川に似ているけど、品川はオフィス中心なので遊びに来るならこちらですね。109 CINEMASはその5Fにあります。



I went to see Avatar in Imax 3D as I finally booked a good seat in the middle of theater at LAZONA Kawasaki. Avatar had been long-waited movie since its production, and I actually had seen it upon its release last December, but ever since, I was thinking of checking the Imax 3D version.

In front of Kawasaki Station is Lazona shopping mall, a grandious redevelopment some 4 years ago. The path from the station exit to the mall represents a similar touch as Shinagawa Station, but Shinagawa weighs much toward office facility, and it looks more fun to come to Kawasaki. 109 Cinema complex is located on the 5th floor.

With the huge screen size and exceptionally high image resolution of Imax, the detail of each scene is so clear, and we see the devotion or the indulgence of Jim Cameron to this film. These details create the sensational impact of the film quite differently, and the image of regular digital cinema would not stir us up this much.

It is not exactly 3D that enables us to understand the movie, but still, the basic rule for this film is to watch in 3D. It contains various attempts technically that may mature in the future 3D productions. IMAX uses the traditional horizontal/vertical polarizer filter for 3D and tilting your neck will cause left/right image crosstalk to lose the dimensional effect, which is an ancient problem. Another thing to point was the subtitles that sat rather near the middle of screen to annoy the view, and a subtlety but noticeable problem of cinema was on the ceiling half left, very close to the screen was a square plate or something with glossy surface that reflected the bright screen. The sound was loud but convincing with with air-shaking bass. It was quite a satisfying cinema experience.

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