Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Electronic Nikkei Starts - 日経電子版始まる


Nikkei Newspaper started the paid subscription of web news today, and I tried to check its feasibility. In the early morning, everything was smooth with no stress, although the page seemed basically followed their preceding Nikkei NET with no new functional design nor appeal. The reason why I am so critical is because I just happened to start using Le Monde application on my iTouch, and it may not be the exact counterpart for comparison, but the distance between the two regarding the phylosophy on functionality was obvious and large.
To make the situation worse, toward noon, it became impossible to read the news content because of busy traffic. It is totally stupid for them to fail enabling the paid subscribers to access to their log in page to begin with. If you are lucky keeping your machine logged in earlier in the day, the pages for the copy of printed versions were accessible, and it probably means that a bulk of free guests run to the web version pages. A more careful preparation on the backbone would have been considered.

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