Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mao Asada’s Rachmaninoff - 真央のラフマニノフ

ラフマニノフの「鐘」は浅田真央がバンクーバーまでの一年、苦しみ続けた演技の曲だが、それを作曲者のラフマニノフ自身が演奏したCDがある。これぞ正真正銘の「鐘」と言うべきだろう。Zenph による復刻演奏はこれまでにも取り上げてきた(グレン・グールド及びアート・テータム)が、最新盤のこのラフマニノフもしなやかな彼の演奏スタイルを目の辺りに確認できるようで、とにかく素晴らしい。音も秀逸だ。アルバムには彼の作品の他に、クライスラーやバッハのバイオリン曲を編曲演奏しており、美しい。ラフマニノフって、剛ではなく柔だったんですね。

Rachmaninoff’s Prelude in C#-minor (“the Bells in Moscow”) is the music Mao Asada had to struggle in her figure skating for a year until the Olympics in Vancouver, and there is a CD in which the composer Rachmaninoff himself played the piano. This is literally the genuine “Bells”. Zenph re-performance is a restoration process I quoted (Glenn Gould and Art Tatum) already, and this latest release is marvelously exciting: one can vividly hear Rachmaninoff at his lithe piano as if in front of us. The sound is excellent as well. The album also contains some violin pieces of Kreisler and Bach, which are all beautiful. It was very interesting to find Rachmaninoff was not actually hardrock but graceful.

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