Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Boutique Hi-Fi Label in Norway – 2Lというブティック・レーベル



もうひとつはもっと最近のFlute Mysteryというアルバムで、ノルウェーの現代作曲家ベルクの作品が並ぶ。こちらはアシュケナージとロイヤル・フィルという有名どころを起用、フルートのベイノンはコンセルトヘボウの首席奏者とのことだ。曲のことは僕には語れないが、ディスクはブルーレイとSACDをカップリングしている。2Lはメディアの最上位フォーマットで音楽配布を行おうとしているが、おそらく彼らのスタンスというのはまずCDからSACDへの移行があったが、今ではブルーレイに力点は移っている。但しこれらの光ディスクはいずれも過渡的な存在で、いずれ鑑賞の軸は96k/24-bitのネット配信になるとの想定のようで、そちらの対応も始まっている。僕のSACD再生環境を考えると正当な比較にはならないが、自分としてはブルーレイの方が好ましい。

2L is all in all a boutique Hi-Fi company in Norway that produces music titles with the highest sound quality. Being much impressed with their Grieg album the other day, I picked up two more titles and placed the order.

The album of Mozart’s violin concerti No. 3 through No. 5 was recorded in May 2006 with a small local orchestra and a Norwagian female soloist, and they did a great performance of quality. The listening is dense partly because the sound is superb, and it can be recognized with the CD. In the album is another disc: SACD with 5.1 surround recording. 2L makes the recordings basically with one-point microphone setting of 5-channels, and they finely adjust the placement of instruments at the recording premise for the best three-dimensional balance. The result is such a wide scope of orchestra almost from the conductor’s position than the traditional audience seats. I show an example of layout (without permission). It invites you to a very new style of listening to make you feel as if “ich musiziere” myself beyond listening, and again the recording is miraculous. I sense subtle but vivid reality of orchestra “being there”.

The second album is “Flute Mystery” which is newer with a Blu-ray and a SACD. I am not totally familiar with this music (Berg is a contemporary Norwagian composer) but famous artists are featured here: Vladimir Ashkenazy and Philharmonia Orchestra. Emily Beynon is the principal flutist in Concertogebow. 2L releases music with the highest possible sound formats which drove them stepping up from CD to SACD, and they seem to lean toward Blu-ray even further now. But these optical formats might be the transitional means for them foreseeing the days with networked 96k/24-bit for primary delivery as they already have the business in this area. It is not a fair comparison considering my SACD playback environment, but I tend to like Blu-ray recording more.

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