Friday, February 26, 2010

A Discovery for Grieg Fans - グリーグ・ファンのための高音質ディスク

アルバムはディスク2枚構成で、1枚はSACDによる5.1録音、もう1枚はブルーレイ盤でフォーマットは192k/24-bit DTS HD MAの5.1録音、96k/24-bit DTS HD MAの7.1録音、192k/24-bitのステレオPCMを選べるが、そんな高度な再生装置は持っていないという人にも、通常のCDとしてかかるので音楽は聴ける。

An innovative Norwagian record company, 2L, recently released a super-high quality disc of Grieg’s works. Some of them are the performance of Grieg himself. This is because they used the music rolls in the recording that have never been played to the public before. Beside these piano pieces, the ablum covers Piano Concerto (re-performance of Percy Grainger) and Violin Sonata both of which were impressive.
The ablum consists of 2 discs: one is SACD 5.1 and the other is Blu-ray with the options of 5.1 in 192k/24-bit DTS HD MA, 7.1 in 96k/24-bit DTS HD MA, or 2.0 PCM in 192k/24-bit. For those who have not equipped with such a highly refined player, at least the disc functions as normal CD, so you will hear the music.
The strings gave me an extraordinary sense of being there in the 5.1 surround listening environment, and it was exactly the thing my intuition had recognized as an essential potential in music when I started working with surround formats. This recording made a firm step forward in molding the ability of surround music recording. The layout of orchestra you hear will be different from what you normally expect such as a stage in front and ambience in the back, but it would be as if you sit very closer to the conductor.
High-quality music format was the topic in the last InterBEE symposium in which 2L themselves participated, and I got this disc from Mr. Sawaguchi, the moderator. Available from 2L site directly or from Amazon.

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