Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Swiss was too good in Curling - カーリング、スイスに完敗


Among various Olympic games in Vancouver, I guess it was curling that excited people in Japan most as they watched TV so far. Actually, female figure skating is considered the most attracting game here, and just before it starts, our curling team was fatally beaten by Swiss team today. Our girls managed the tough games every day, and yesterday’s double-header with Russia and Germany might have completely exhausted them. If the remaining sense of fatigue distracted their concentration, it means the lack of their fundamental physical strength.
In this match, their stone management was indeed exceptionally poor, but I felt the problem also resided in the tactics as well. I am not the expert of those things, but Japan team appeared to be weighing a little too much on placing blocking stones that eventually wasted their number of throws. Without trying to accumulate the stones within the circle, it would be more difficult to gain high points, and that was exactly what Swiss team was doing before us. As Mari Motohashi looked back the game afterward, “it was the worst of our games”.

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