Saturday, February 6, 2010

Motion Simulation Chairs - D • BOXの上陸


I read the news of 13 active cinema chairs that moved along the movie scenes being installed in a Warner Mycal cinema in Nagoya. This system is developed by Canada-based D-BOX, and its motion-simulator is highly elaborated tri-axis technology. Originally, it was adopted for home with DVD, and there exist in USA some serious movie fans enjoying D-BOX motion chairs at home. The system development for film was being pushed in parallel and it seems the practical installation started.
A pair of D-BOX samples actually arrived in Japan in 2006 when Omotesando Hills opened where Dolby had an event of HD video using them, therefore I already experienced the chair. Its motion is rather impressive, and it is an entire creation by motion designer, similar to movie soundtracks that sound designer constructs along with the picture. It is a virtual reality technology just like 3D that people with a weak heart may wisely avoid.

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