Monday, March 1, 2010

To Sing Messiah - メサイアを歌う

実は本当はもっと大それた夢を思い描いていて、「ヘンデルゆかりのダブリンとかロンドンとかの合唱団にもぐり込めたらなあ」と考えているのです。でもそんな都合の良い話は見つかりません。でもたまたまネットでこんなブログを見つけました。ジーン・ラモンが主宰しているターフェルムジークが毎年「Sing-Along Messiah」という催しをトロントでやっていて、家族連れで参加して歌いたい人は客席から歌うという話のようです。まずはこのあたりが攻めどころかと、トロント在住の友人に状況把握の偵察をお願いしてみました。

Starting this year, I joined a choir to sing Handel's Messiah. It is my very first attempt to sing Messiah and also I have not sung in chorus since the days in college. The schedule is fully set through the year as they target the concert toward the end of 2010, and it means that we can allocate only about 4 times of training for each song: quite a challenge!
Frankly speaking, I have a more adventurous dream that is to take part in a choir for a short period of time in Dublin or London to sing, but I have no idea where such an opportunistic idea could be met. Incidentally the other day, I came across with this blog page in the net that talked about a yearly event by Jeanne Lamon’s Tafelmusik in Toronto. It is called “Sing-Along Messiah” and those who wish to sing, entire family or whatever, can be in the audience seats. “This may be a good step forward,” thought I. So I wrote to a friend of mine who lives in Toronto to find out some more information.

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