Friday, January 7, 2011

海は我らが母なので - Because the Sea is Our Mother



I was thinking of something new to do this year, and I just happened to imagine taking underwater photos as it sounds like an exciting adventure and also the opportunity to be in the very spot to sense the phenomenal transition of global environment. One of my old colleagues is long-time scuba diver, and he could be my elementary instructor. On the other hand, as I cruise the Internet, many photographers post such pictures, and it looks totally impossible for me to reach their level. For example, Jun Fukui shows beautiful macro photos under the sea around Okinawa.
I have Canon S90, a compact digital camera (beside my SLR), and I checked if it had any underwater accessories. I found a waterproof case valid as deep as 40 meters for S95, the successor model introduced last year. The size is identical but the button layout is slightly different each other, therefore it won’t fit with S90 unfortunately. The picture shown here above is a wallpaper downloaded from National Geographic site.

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