Friday, January 14, 2011

苦難のアジアカップ – Japan Suffers in Asian Cup Soccer


The match with Syria was rather rough [2 PK’s and our goalkeeper sent-off]. In the first half, Japan showed some improvement in fasters passes and vertical attacks as Zaccheroni had stressed. The goal was the result of chained actions of Honda’s aggressive dribble, Kagawa’s edgy flip, Matsui’s soft placement of the ball and skillful body control to obstruct the defender, and Hasebe’s determination. Everybody moved in ensemble. Syria’s checks might be less pressuring than Jordan’s, but the game was interesting with repeated attacks each other.
In the second half, the troubles seemed the consequence of the recessed mind for aggressiveness, or was it just fatigue to cease running? Kagawa and Endo did not look doing well in the game, and if these two players in particular play merely ordinary, the chance is slim for Japan to make the match in good shape. Watching the 2 matches so far against lower-ranked teams, with more suffers than marvels, it would be difficult for Japan to remain through the final tournament.
Also, several players got a yellow card and if they get another in the next match with Saudi, they cannot play the first match of the final tournament, which worries me.

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