Monday, January 10, 2011



This was a superb record for the start of the new year. Only few people would be interested in renaissance music, but I came across with the new release information of Joshua Rifkin in late December. And it was an SACD as an extra benefit. Amazon did not carry it, but HMV had a scheduled import, so I immediately placed an order.
Leo X is the pope came from the Medicis who brought the Vatican to a financial disaster while he was know for his extensive protection of arts and artists. This disc consists of motets composed in his day and mostly for him. Capella Pratensis is a group formed to focus on Josquin Desprez’s music originally, and this was the first time for me to listen to them. The chorus was very refined, and I can feel the approach of Joshua Rifkin to aim ultimately precise singing technically and musically in order to express the essence of music, whether it is Bach or renaissance music like this.
The recording is super, too. The voices are very real with utmost clarity and the surround channels subtly pick reverberant elements to contribute in the sense of depth in the front-back axis.

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