Sunday, January 30, 2011

ZAC has Luck – 負けないザック


I said earlier that it was difficult for Japan to remain, but our team magically won the Asian Cup championship for the fourth time. The excitement was in its peak around 3 a.m. here! For Socceroos, the game was within their hand for the most part, but the result was against them regretfully. Japan players could not move much making too many small mistakes, and the loss of Kagawa was apparently significant.
I was shouting in front of the TV to “bring in Iwamasa!” and “replace with Lee!”, and Zaccheroni literally managed it cool and adequate. He will surely be one of my favorite managers along with Bengel and Osim. It has never been the case that the players who joined the game later as replacement continue bringing vital results in Japan national team, and the fact that Zac so far has not lost a single game since he came to Japan may indicate some kind of luck with him.

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