Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ガーディナーのカルメン - Carmen in Opéra Comique


On Monday the 22nd, we went to Opera Comique at 20:00 to see “Carmen” by Orchestre Révolutionaire et Romantique and Monteverdi Choir conducted by Gardiner. It was quite Gardinerish Carmen with speedy tempo. The theater was modest in size unlike the modern facility which provided a comfortable distance from the stage and the orchestra pit, and we could enjoy a rather intimate performance even from the second balcony. When watching this opera in the exact theater where it was first performed over 130 years ago, I got a mysterious feeling as if I was almost time-slipped. In this evening, the tenor who was supposed to play was not in good condition and a replacement singer was arranged who was not impressive. Then after the second act it was announced that he and Sir John Eliot Gardiner discussed and concluded that he could not continue his performance considering his condition and the latter acts were covered by another replacement, younger and fatter Brazilian tenor. Being forced to digest this small chaos while watching the performance was difficult, but Carmen (Anna Caterina Antonacci) probably had more difficulty manipulating three Don Joses a night! Michaela (Anne-Catherine Gillet) had a fabulous performance with her beautiful voice and ability of singing. I was refreshingly impressed by several passages of the orchesta performance, particularly the prelude of 4th act. And the last but not the least, the choir was amazing as always.

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