Friday, June 26, 2009

フジタ礼拝堂 – Chapelle Foujita et Reims



We visited Reims by TGV which took 45 minutes from Paris East. Cathedral Notre-dame was solemnly large but retained quietly intimate balance with it. The restoration was going on but the damages appeared rather wide-spread. We have visited several churches in this trip, and it eventually looks like a tour for stained glasses. I thought this Cathedral’s windows were exquisite. In the very end of the Cathedral was the stained glass by Chagall and it as a whole represented a very blue-colored world. On the left in contrast was Maria surrounded in green, and further in the left was the very elegant statue of Jeanne d’Arc.
The way to Chapelle Foujita may look a little too long for a walk, but we walked as we normally do. Passing through a cemetery, a large mansion showed up in our sight on the left which said the Office of G.H.Mumm, one of the largest Champaign manufacturers. The very president was Foujita’s patron in the old days and Foujita was offered this piece of land to build a chapel.
A cute chapel sits in the green lawn. As we go in, we see the Annunciation on the left wall that reminds us of Fra Angelico, the Birth of Jesus in front, the Passion on the right, and the story continues further.
The stained glass of this Chapel had fine lines of drawings as characterized by Foujita, and I wondered if it could cause a difficult restoration in the long future. An old gentleman was the guide in this Chapel and he talked lot of things in a good temper as he seemed to be back from good lunch and enough wine, and luckily he was so friendly that he did not keep my camera under his strict surveillance.

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