Sunday, June 7, 2009

長谷寺 - Hydrangea temple


I had a migraine in the morning that started after watching the World Cup qualification match in satellite broadcast late last night. Japan marginally beaten Uzbekistan by 1-0, but the real enemy was the referee and the linesmen. Those Syrians were apparently arbitrary. I have never ever seen one red card and 3 yellow cards to Japan National Team! It is them not our coach to be dismissed from the international match. It was the same kind of joke as the infamous Near Middle East referees in handball games. This stressful game may have caused my headache.
Anyway, I did not take my bike but buses to Hase Temple to watch hydrangea in this great weather. I arrived relatively early before 11:00 but the temple was already filled with visitors as expected. Most of them in the garden did not stop to watch the flowers but continue their slow-moving in the line focuslessly. Hydrangea in this temple was rather smallish, and it did not appear to me something special. So I could not find excitingly photogenic spots in the garden.

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