Wednesday, June 24, 2009

パリは真夏の音楽祭 - Fête de la Musique

僕はまず15時にEtienne-Martinのサンルー教会に行って、バッハのカンタータ4番(多分にフランス的演奏)やシャルパンティエのテ・デウムなどを聴いた。その後国立古文書館Hôtel de Soubiseで若き音楽家たちが30分枠で次々に登場するコンサートに行ってみた。ちょうどバッハのフルート・ソナタをハープの伴奏で演奏しているのを中庭で見た。このフルーティストはとても良かった。

The whole city is filled with music on June 21 in Paris. This is an enormous event with all kinds of music and variety of levels of players involved, and their performance is all free. You see street musicians on every busy corner and the loud sound continues through after midnight.
I went to Saint Leu church at 15:00 first for Bach’s cantata No.4 (in very French style) and Charpentier. Then at Hôtel de Soubise of National Archive Center where young artists had their play for 30 minutes one after another, I encountered with an excellent flutist who was playing Bach’s sonata with a harpist.
The main event of the day for me was Pierre Boulez and Orchestre de Paris to play Stravinsky’s Firebird at Louvre, and I found a long line of more than 400 people when I arrived there. A friend of mine went to Orsay to see Kurt Mazur’s Mid-summer Night’s Dream before this!
Firebird at Louvre was played under the same arrangement at last December. I enjoyed it on Internet and somewhat noisy broadcast at that time was understood from the air-conditioning being on the spot. Acoustics under Pyramid was actually good beyond expectation unlike reverberant churches. Over 1000 people sat on the floor closely each other for an hour and it was painful for most of audience yet everybody looked very happy because it was an exciting performance and it was free. I thought this was really an envious event that Paris seems to be proud.

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