Saturday, June 6, 2009

Konami Super Campus – 那須高原


I visited Nasu highland probably after a decade of absence. It was raining at Kuroiso train station in the early afternoon, but when I got off the bus, it cleared up. To me, Nasu has always been an extraordinary, incomprehensible place with such funny things as Space 3D and dinosaurs; trick arts; house of Michelangelo; monkey world; classic car museum; and so on just like small shack attractions on holidays in old days. To build such facilities in the field looks to me a shivering picture with no genuine cultures to grow.
I usually go to the area of higher altitude, and by walking from Osoyamadaira to Karamatsudaira (an ex-bus-stop that is now skipped), I found something amazing with a surprise. The place used to be called Royal Center which was discontinued and took over by Konami. Their Leadership Development Center to exclusively enjoy the best panoramic view of Nasu and their Super Campus running 3 magnificent wind turbine generators were there. Some positions seem open to work in this facility and it looks like a beautiful way of using company’s profit.

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