Monday, June 15, 2009

ロンドン到着 - London Arrival


宿はケンジントンのThe Packcityというこぢんまりとしたホテルで、内装はモダンに一新されていて居心地はよい。但しネットワークが2日間うまくつながらなかった。

Was the landing route of ANA special or normal? The plane lowered the altitude giving the very close view of Buckingham, the Park, and others before landing at Heathrow. I tried the Express to Paddington from the airport.
We stay at the Parkcity in Kensington which is a small hotel with fully renewed interior to our comfort, but the network did not function properly last two days.
A couple of things I noticed this time in London after my long absence were more glass architecture that gave me an impression that the city finally began departing from the good, old stones for one thing, and much improved alimentation environment with more variety for the other. Sushi conveyer in Harvey Nichols alone was astounding enough, and this whole movement may have been gradually and patiently pushed by Sir Conran.

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