Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bizarreness in Courier Services – 宅配便ビジネスのこと



Every time I receive delivery from Amazon (Japan), I cannot but gasp with the idea that they are core American. Whatever small the item I ordered was, it comes in a decent carton box regardless of the item’s size. It’s just amazing that they are happy to transport that much air and pulp. How could it be possible for a profit-based company? Well, I found one of the reasons recently. I was in a situation to return an item, and in my case I had to bear the cost of course, but in this process it came to my knowledge that the cost Amazon would bear was mere 400 Yen (when item is returned by cause and covered by recipient) while my tariff is 3 times more expensive.

Another topic. I have done with the pair of rather large and heavy speakers that served us for a few decades. They had to be sent out to Kyushu. Yamato Transport had a service so-called “Easy Household Goods Mover” and I thought it was exactly the one I needed, so I rang them up, but the receptionist simply repeated that it was the service only for currently available products (=replaceable in case of loss). I tend to think their official name of the service was wrong and a rip-off. In whose home do household goods consist of current products only fundamentally? I also felt as if I was not speaking to a human but a manual book of receptionist, but I still tried to hang on: “Well then, how could I send these things?” She said their service for pianos and other instruments perhaps, and instead of transferring me to the right section, she gave me a number to call, where I ended up finding their cost was approximately 70,000 Yen for a piano or a speaker therefore appalling enough 140,000 Yen for a pair! I was even suggested to contact their “Easy Household Goods Moving”!!

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