Friday, May 7, 2010

Stumbling Europe - 危ういヨーロッパ


Euro is almost going below 118 Yen. It is a diving fall of over 7 Yen (or 6%) in 3 days, and it appears as if investors are panicking to bail out. This may be the indication of the impact of problem in Greece and other nations chained to it. I tend to suspect it is hopeless for traders to expect a bright dream of money games in Europe in this moment, and I would rather nod if an expert tells me the realistic rate considering the economical power particularly including slow areas would be in the range of 115 Yen.
It would benefit me some as I will start traveling in to the flames from the end of month, but I have some cash in my pocket already which keeps shrinking practically, and the worst scenario is another economical catastrophe in the global level. I now worry more than the time of Lehman’s case.

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