Saturday, March 12, 2011

3/11 Earthquake - 最大級の地震です

Half of Japan was shaken, and it keeps shaking intermittently. Northern area is disastrous widely. More than 1000 people were lost and numerous people wait for the rescue. The atomic power house in Fukushima is at the risk of leaking. Tokyo tower antenna is reported bent.

In Tokyo, I was in the underground concourse of Ikebukuro station to transfer. The quake was horrifyingly the biggest I have ever experienced and it kept shaking very long. And came rather large aftershocks repeatedly. The service of transportation was lost rest of the day, and people were stuck in town.

By the way, I have to amend my yesterday's comment on Cyclemeter as I ended up walking home from the station for several hours. Reloading of the map was smooth while walking, and the root finding was very dependable.

僕は池袋駅で電車を乗り換えようと地下にいたところで地震に襲われた。身動きができないほどの揺れで、今まで体験した( 僕はサンフランシスコ地震も経験している)中で最大級の危険な地震だった。自宅に向かう電車の中で4時間以上待ってみたが、その間も大きな余震が続き、運転再開のメドもないので歩いて帰ることにした。多くの人たちが同じように我が家をめざして歩いていた。写真は池袋駅。


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