Thursday, March 31, 2011

ホームアンテナFT - Femtocell in my room


My listening room is situated in downstairs, virtually half-buried by tall walls, preventing cellular waves to reach although it is actually on the ground level. I don’t know about other carriers but Softbank's barely works.
A solution is provided by Softbank for free of charge, and I registered for the service. It is named “Home Antenna FT” and a small transmitter box functions as a 3G antenna that connects via LAN to the main 3G pipeline through Internet. Waiting for almost 2 months, a router arrived first and then a femtocell device followed later. I placed them in the listening room; they only required connecting to my network with not extra settings, but the device indicators repeated red (turn on) and green/blink (loading) for quite a while, so I went upstairs leaving them behind. When I came back later, they were up and running. Now as many as five bars are on my iPhone indicating full wave strength, and I won’t miss incoming calls any more.

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