Monday, March 21, 2011

Dazaifu - 太宰府



For over a week since the earthquake, we kept watching the news programs on TV whole day as all the channels only broadcast such programs, but it can accumulate mental stress not only on kids but also on us adults to trace nothing but the information of the quake and the tsunami repeatedly all the time. It might be the time now for us to get back to our ordinary mode of life but consciously thinking of what each of us should do under the given situation.

Having said this, we are in Kyushu now with flowery spring just at the corner down south. This is the first time for us to visit Dazaifu, known as the God of Learning. We are right in the season of Ume, Japanese apricot, and the trees in the garden of Tenmangu Shrine were beautiful in full bloom.
From there, the long escalator takes you up over a hill to Kyushu National Museum established in 2005. It was a surprisingly huge architecture, and was designed by Kiyonori Kikutake, a locally-born architect in Kurume, who also designed Tokyo Edo Museum. We saw the regular exhibition that was interesting, but a little unfortunate was that they did not have any emblematic display to make this museum extremely popular nationwide.

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