Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Whales to alarm quakes - クジラの警報

2 days before the catastrophic earthquake in Japan, there was preceding one with the magnitude 7.3 in the offshore of Sanriku on March 9. Looking back, it must have been a clear pre-notice. And 5 days before that on March 4, 52 whales went aground on a beach in Ibaraki prefecture. Someone predicted on the net that an earthquake would be coming on March 6 based on the observation of this reckless dives of whales. It is a hot topic now on the net with another supporting evidence of 107 whales aground in Steward Island, New Zealand just 2 days before the quake in Christchurch. I recall that million sardines died in Redondo Beach, California on March 9 (Japan time). Wonder if it relates with the recent earthquake?


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