Saturday, March 12, 2011

政府のスピード感 - We already learned in Hanshin the speed was life


The press announcement of the Government and also of Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency just before 18:00 was totally appalling. The nuclear power plant’s first reactor building in Fukushima blasted around 15:30, and it was apparent that the ceiling and the walls were gone according to NHK TV broadcast, but the announcement only confirmed the fact of explosion of “some sort” with no further explanation of the detail status, and only stressed that they were gathering various information. NISA in particular is expected to discuss technical views professionally but they behaved merely as bureaucrat. All this, if the result of past 2 hours and 30 minutes, definitely showed the lack of speediness. I think this is an emergency practically like in a war, and it is vital for us to share accurate information. Can we depend our lives on those slow-minds? [See this!]

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