Friday, October 14, 2011

Run for Dokudami Tea –葉山のどくだみ茶


Dokudami herbal tea having run out, I decided to visit the seller in Hayama by bicycle. It is a tea house named “Hinodeen” and as I thought it was too close going there straightforward, I coupled it with my usual exercise run to Shonan Village, but attacking from the opposite side (Akiya beach) then follow Route 217 going downhill and then into Nango tunnel.
I hate running in tunnels and this particular tunnel on Miura Pennisula Central Road was exceptionally long exceeding 2km, so I was a bit worried. Consequently, there was a wide sidewalk along with the guard rail, therefore it was quite safe. I met no one walking or on bike in the tunnel. Turning to the left at the end of the tunnel and I had to climb a rather tough hill from Kawakubo and the tea house was just before the hilltop. I made approximately 18km in 65 minutes. Going back home from there is about 5km starting with a down-hill run.

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