Saturday, October 1, 2011

Jagwire Ripcord - ブレーキ・ワイヤー




Here is Jagwire’s Ripcord outer-casing. This is somewhat excessive extra effort along with my special investment for the brakes. This casing is reinforced with woven Kevlar and it is rather stiff. Its diameter seemed slightly larger than standard Shimano SLR. Shimano is also more flexible. My view on this point is that the stiffness would not be an issue functionally as long as the routing is made with smooth curves. The core structure is different, too. Shimano has helically spinning metal wall structure while Jagwire lays out the linear wires along the round wall in a centric form. Each provides better characteristics for flexible bending or less friction. Jagwire has a dark, mat surface finish and the woven Kevlar reinforcement is transparently visible underneath that looked a bit like a carbon component. I compared Ripcord casing against Shimano SLR by inserting a Shimano inner wire, and this Ripcord had heavier friction partly because it had seemingly a smaller internal diameter. For a perfect match, do they require the correct counterpart of the same brand?

I looked into their specifications and found that Shimano wires had 1.6mm diameter while Jagwire had 1.5mm and this 100 microns might not be negligible. Who know? Luckily at Amazon they had Ripcord inner wire inventory, cheaper than Shimano and free-delivery, so I thought I had no other choices than going ahead.

Jagwire Ripcord inner wire had black Teflon surface finish. Shimano was obviously like a rope with spinning metal wires. Pushing and pulling against the outer-casing was smoother with Ripcord because of its finer surface. With Shimano, some lubrication will manage the job better. With these examinations, I understood any combinations would work eventually, and for example, the fat and strong Shimano inner wire coupled with the stiff Kevlar-Ripcord outer-casing seemed very much reliable. My thought was to try to achieve some delicacy in braking with fine Ripcord inner wire coupled with Kevlar outer-casing, the genuine Jagwire set, particularly when the other bicycle of mine is entirely with Shimano small parts.

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